Sunday, April 18, 2010

Everybody Knows About Me

Sometime last year, I stumbled upon a great song about ME/CFS called Everybody Knows About Me by the band Cinder Bridge.  It was written by Susan Wenger (the band's singer and keyboardist) who has a friend with the disease.

I shared the song on the Phoenix Rising Forums, a community message board for those suffering with this illness. One of the members (Teejkay, along with her husband) then came up with the idea to make a video using the song. With Cinder Bridge's permission, they requested photos of people from the forums who have long suffered from ME/CFS, set the photos to fit the music and created the below video for it.

I wanted to share it here because they did such a great job, and because I was so honored to participate. Please share widely in order to help increase awareness. Thanks for watching!