Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Determined Spirits

In this month's Life Skills Magazine, there is a special "bumper" edition which is devoted and dedicated to all those determined spirits who suffer from ME/CFS/CFIDS.

I feel incredibly honored to have been invited to participate in this wonderful opportunity to help raise awareness. My submission is called Recognition and Reflection. It is a 2001 journal entry written shortly after I first became home/bedbound and unable to speak more than a few words above a whisper. I had hoped to write something brand new for the purpose of the magazine, but regretfully I was too sick at the time, so I had to go with something already written.

In the magazine, you will also find some fabulous contributions from:

Dominique of 4 Walls and a View
Sue of Learning To Live With CFS
Jolene of Graceful Agony
Renee of My Autumn Years and Renee's Reflections
Shelli of A * Musings and Living the CFS Life

This is my first magazine publication, so I'm pretty excited about it, and feel privileged to be included with such wonderful writers and some fellow blogging friends I've long admired.

If you'd like to see the magazine and any of the above articles, you can go to Life Skills Magazine and subscribe. It's free!

Well done to all involved! And much gratitude and thanks to Dominique who invited me to participate, and Ayo (the magazine's founder and editor) who accepted my contribution. It's been such an honor!

 Edit: Links have been removed as the magazine has been discontinued. 


  1. Well done Laurel on being published!!

    Hope today is a 'good' day for you.

    Lots of love


  2. Well done Laurel!! If people like us don't make a noise then things will never change ... you're an inspiration! Thanks:-)

  3. I'm am so glad that you were able to be part of this incredible collaboration, Laurel. I couldn't have imagined doing it without you!

    Sending you hugs and prayers today!

  4. Well done! I was published here (UK company magazine!)


    If you fancy reading.


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  6. Wow Laurel, that's awesome! Congratulations :)


  7. This is so wonderful Laurel. I have already subscribed!!

  8. Just sending a note to let you know you were on my mind today. Sending hugs and prayers your way.