Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In the Meantime...

This is just a short post to let everyone know I will be taking (or continue to take) an extended break from blogging in order to focus more fully on my health. I hope to be well enough to start writing again in the near future.  In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few more photos from my little bedroom window.

Within the confines of these four walls, my life is at a standstill. Outside, life goes on -- vibrant, beautiful, active and free. It is where I so desperately long to be.

Amaryllis Blooms


Cute Bunnies

Deer at Christmas-time

More Deer

Cute Round-Tailed Ground Squirrel Strikes a Pose

Pretty Goldfinch

Lots of Finches



Cooper's Hawk

Finches Waiting out the Rain

Through the Clouds... A Rainbow

So shines the setting sun on adverse skies,
and paints a rainbow on the storm. ~Isaac Watts

Wishing everyone better health, fewer storms and brighter skies ahead.


  1. Such gorgeous Amaryllis! Always good to hear from you and see pics of your nosey neighbours! I wish you best today and everyday. *hugs*

  2. These are so beautiful and made me smile, thank you fire sharing them with us. I particularly love the rainbow one... ;)

  3. I love your pictures very much laurel, the amaryllis is just stunning & what wonderful wildlife comes to visit your window! I am so glad you get such a wealth of nature passing by for you to see. Much love Vikki xxx

  4. Oh what beautiful photos Laurel. Lovely to see them and to hear from you again. So sorry you are unable to be out in the beauty nature offers. Sending hugs and prayers your way.

  5. so that's what a gopher is! so cute. love your wildlife there. sending warm wishes your way!

  6. thanks so much for sharing x

  7. Wow!!! There really is a lot going on outside your window. What a rich environment! As far as being bedbound goes, you are lucky with such rich views.

    I do hope you get out there to mix with that environment some day soon. xxx : )

  8. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics, Laurel. It's like a zoo out there! I'm happy that the animals keep you company, I miss nature so much.

    Hopefully one day we'll be a part of it again.


  9. Although your pictures are beautiful and your wildlife abundant and adorable, I am struck by how very ill you are. And yet you have shared this beauty with all of us. Thank you.

    We are loving you always...

  10. Lovely photos, Laurel! Thanks for posting.

    It's so obliging of the bunnies to appear just in time for Easter. Happy Easter! :)

  11. Thanks for sharing these photos. I don't know if I've ever even seen a gopher in real life! I do get a lot of squirrel activity outside my window though. Squirrels like to gather fronds and leaves of all kinds, I've learned.

  12. I am so glad you have such gorgeousness from your window! And, again, struck by your wonderful grace and spirit x

  13. Hi Laurel,
    Thinking of you !
    Healthy blessings and thoughts your way this weekend !
    Hope that no new posts means no news is good news. :o)
    Love, Lori